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} Wish me C L O S E R {


Journal will contain rants, fics and other things that you know, I don't think needs to be known by the general public. By the way might want to remind me who you are because I am horrible with names/journals. THAT IS ALL.

} Sun up to sun down {

 The following post is a cozy little icon post. 

-The Sleeping Beauty
-The Lion King
-Portal 2
-Mass Effect
-Trinity Blood
-Misc pretty pictures(yep that counts)
} In which case there's a nice bunch of icons under here {Collapse )

} Tell me what I am all about {


I did call it. Whose awesome? I am. It's not bad enough having a lingering speech impediment. Oh well whateves.

On the bright side. Did come manga coloring and have been playing DA2 like no tomorrow. Also going to play Merrill because who can resist that cute? Not me. Now she just needs to be easier to write for. Come on emm'asha. Time to get to work. By work lately I mean filling out more forms, applications and what.

Off to dance with the government forever.

} Chasing you DOWN again {

Excuse me while I delay RPing and work on inspiration. Thus.


Here's my muselist to select from. Pick one and if you'd like a pairing or relationship they have with someone. Second half is optional.
Select a number 1-50.
I will write a tiny drabble during the song related to the number based on whatever prompt you gave. Also I will be writing this during the time the song plays alone. (I might cheat and listen to the song twice. Shush I can cheat.)
...We all profit?

Yeah I'm so great at explaining things at midnight. Oh well!


Hey. Hey. You know what I realize I needed to do? Make a muse-list. SO HERE WE GO. It's also almost midnight and I'm sick so excuse me while I fail at this. And forget muses but it's a list in progress.

{ Where did you go? }Collapse )


} But I'm not bulletproof {


Who: Seth Nightlord
Where: Elegy
About: The world is always changing, no matter what we do to stop it.
Rating: ...T?
{ Love don't live here anymore }Collapse )

} The hearts for the heartless {

To where do we wonder
Through an endless field of confusion
To find our hope, our light and guidance
To get past all the delusion and fear

When something twists our present wrong
Have we lost our future?
Does the wondered continue on their unknown path or be lead astray by other hands
We've eyes but yet we cannot see what lies ahead

And so we wonder
Blind and guided by another force
Forever through the unknown
As another wondered finds their way, another one loses theirs

{ Everything but free }

I'm really stuck on if I should do some little icon community. Seems people are somehow magically learning of my icons, aside from Blazey and Jezi that is. People at elegy know because...self done icons but still. I tend to be pretty lazy. On the other hand worth a shot, right?

Eh. We'll see. Once I get my laptop back. I need that thing back. Hurry up be fixed you. Now then off to my game again. Of which shall have icons because it is an awesome and pretty game. ...Okay I lied. Passing out now~.